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New Juicer: Part 2

I spent my last blog telling the tale of how I came to get my new juicer — about what it can do for me (and you!).  Yesterday I threw together a carrot-apple-ginger juice concoction soon after I unpacked the it.

So just why should a person do such a thing? Most of the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables are in the juice — extracting them and ingesting them on their own is the quickest way to absorb them into the bloodstream. And, by juicing fruits and vegetables yourself, you know exactly what goes into it. You control the ingredients — both quantity and quality — and anything added to it, such as outside sugars, etc.

In high school, I remember a night hanging out with friends when we had the TV on mute and made our own narration for the Jay Kordich infomercial that was on. With those massive eyebrows, he stood shaking a bunch of parsley. If memory serves, it was an actual staged infomercial, but here is a video that can’t be too far off — him preaching about how ‘high’ one can get off straight parsley juice.

It even inspired a skit on In Living Color.

Funny that, nearly two decades later, I felt about as excited as Jay Kordich would have been, to unwrap my juicer. Here’s hoping it keeps me happy, healthy, and young on the inside, like it seems to have for him, at nearly 90 years old.

Here are a few bits of info on what nutrients you get from what foods;
• Apples: High in dietary fiber and Vitamin C
• Apricots: High in dietary fiber, contains Potassium
• Beets: Good source of dietary fiber,  Folate, Vitamin C, Potassium
• Blueberries: Vitamin C
• Broccoli: Dietary fiber, Folate, Vitamin C and vitamins B2, B5, B6 and E
• Carrots: Dietary fiber and vitamins A, C and B6
• Celery: Vitamin  C and Potassium
• Ginger: Aids in digestion, enhances natural resistance for cold and flu
• Grapes: Potassium, vitamins B6 and C
• Melons (including watermelon): Dietary fiber, Folate, vitamins C and A
• Oranges: Vitamin C
• Pears: Dietary fiber
• Raspberries: Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium
• Spinach and other leafy greens (including kale, bok choy, chard, collards): Vitamin C, folate, Iron, Calcium, Vitamin K
• Tomatoes: Vitamin C, dietary fiber, Folate, vitamins A and E

There are all kinds of juicing recipes online — here’s a site that’s particularly helpful and links to even more sites — Juicer Recipes Now.

And here are a couple of recipes from the manual that came with mine that include ingredients I may not have thought to put together. I can’t wait to explore the possibilities and find ways to not only juice, but also utilize the pulp for desserts, casseroles and more.

Fresh Start:
• 2 parsnips trimmed
• 4 stalks of celery, trimmed
• 4 medium pears, stalks removed

Vitamin Booster
• 2 small red peppers, seeded, stem removed
• 3 medium tomatoes
• 3 carrots, peeled
• 4 sprigs parsley

Icy Cooler (Service Over Crushed Ice)
• 3 medium pears
• 4 radishes, trimmed
• 3 stalks celery, trimmed

Energy Boost
• 8 carrots
•  2 small beets, trimmed
• 1/4 c. fresh mint leaves
• 4 oranges, peeled