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Cardamom Spiced Granola

I haven’t made granola in quite some time and a brunch with friends tomorrow is all the inspiration I needed. Best part — I was able to pull it together in about 10 minutes with things I had on hand. There were a couple of things I didn’t have on hand — thus sunflower seeds and pistachios from The Kitchn‘s original recipe are M.I.A. but that’s OK. I just added more almonds, pumpkin seeds and oats to make up the difference.

This recipe couldn’t be easier and it’s delicious. My favorite local granola (or granola of any kind anywhere) also has cardamom in it so I knew I would like this. I’ll definitely be making it again soon, probably with walnuts in the mix I think. That’s what I love about recipes like this — you can really make them your own.

• 2 c. old-fashioned rolled oats (gluten-free, if needed)
• 3/4 c. shredded coconut
• 1/2 c. sliced, raw almonds
• 1/2 c. raw pistachios, shelled
• 1/2 c. raw pumpkin seeds
• 1/4 c. sunflower seeds
• 2 tsp. ground cardamom
• 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
• A good pinch of salt
• 3/4 c. maple syrup
• 1/3 c. coconut oil, softened (I imagine you could easily sub this with another oil if you don’t have coconut on hand)
• 1/4 c. tahini paste  (Tahini gives it a mild nutty flavor in the background. If you don’t have any, try almond butter!)
• 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Preheat oven to 350°F.

1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the oats, shredded coconut, almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cardamom, cinnamon and salt together. Drizzle in the maple syrup, coconut oil, tahini paste and vanilla extract — I whisked them all together then drizzled them in. Toss to coat.

2. Spread the granola mixture evenly onto a baking sheet — no need to oil the pan or anything. The oil, etc. in the granola should take care of that. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. The granola is done when deeply golden and toasted. Cool completely and store in an airtight container at room temperature for about a week or in the refrigerator for several weeks.

Max’s Granola

I’ve participated in several events since launching my personal chef business and sometimes I don’t realize how many people I’ve met and gotten to know. That is, until I’m out in the world and bumping into all kinds of people who may not even know my name, but they know what I do or maybe the name of my company.

One of those people is a fellow personal chef, Debra Walter. I think I first met her at VegFest in 2011 and have run into her several times since. On a recent Saturday, my squeeze and I waltzed into Rust Belt Market in Ferndale, which is essentially a permanent craft fair right here in our town. Right by the door was none other than Debra, selling her “Max’s Granola.” We chatted for a bit and I bought a bag of granola, which is made right here in southeast Michigan in small batches.

Five minutes later when she saw me devouring it as I walked around the market, she informed me her friends call it “granola crack.” That it is. The granola is named in honor of her son Max, who was born with a brain disorder. She said a portion of the proceeds go toward research or a charity related to the disorder.

I wish I could possible convey in words how delicious this granola is! Literally the best I have ever tasted. As a person who doesn’t keep too many sweets around the house, it has proven to be my go-to at night when I just want a little something. The best part is — it’s packed with good nutritious things, including organic oats, dried fruit, nuts, pepitas and other delicious. If you see it, you should pick some up. you won’t be sorry.