Spotlight On: Door to Door Organics

IMG_2264A few years back I attended a screening of the movie May I Be Frank and Door to Door Organics had a table there. I had heard of them but never used them — the discount code I was given that night made me give it a try. I’ve used them on and off since (you can suspend your order anytime — one of the many bonuses to using them).  I’ve recently started up the service again and I’m so glad I did — it makes my Mondays so much easier!

If you’ve never heard of Door to Door, you should visit their site to see if they deliver to your area. You pick what size box you want, whether you want fruits, vegetables or a mix and how often you would like to receive a box. I used to get a small mixed box every other week. Now I get a “bitty” mixed box every week.

Here’s how it works. A few days before your delivery day, you get an e-mail with your weekly order. If there are things on there you don’t like or know you won’t use, you can swap them out! You can also add all kinds of things to your order in addition to produce, including items from local bakeries and businesses, meats (if you’re into that kind of thing), fish, dairy, crackers,  Almond milk and so much more.

The website has recipes that are really helpful and they regularly have little coloring contests for kids and other fun things they do. Customer service is amazing. When I was pregnant I went through a mango phase. My box showed up and my mangoes were all brown and funky inside. Not only did they immediately e-mail me back when I contacted them, they threw an extra mango in my next box for good measure.

I know it sounds like they must be paying me, so I must say I have zero affiliation with them other than being a customer. It’s just a solid business that makes my life so, so much easier. My box comes on Monday. I have until noon Sunday to add to or change my order so I just try to brainstorm about what I want to make for dinner before then. I scrape by eating whatever we have at home on Saturday and Sunday (and avoid the dreaded weekend grocery store trip!) knowing I can get any essentials I need on Monday from Door to Door. So, tomorrow I will put out last week’s empty box and wait for it to get swapped out with a full one.

I mention them often in my posts and photos so I thought I would explain for anyone who may not be familiar. As a current customer, I can send you a code for $15 off your first box! Send me a message via my Facebook page (HERE) with your e-mail address and I’ll have a code sent to you ASAP. Have a good week!

One response to “Spotlight On: Door to Door Organics

  1. Janet and Harv Ardis

    I would like that box with the Cutest Baby Ever in it!!!!

    This sounds like a great idea that I should try!!!!

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