Pistachio Encrusted Goat Cheese

While discussing what I was going to make for our annual holiday party last week, a friend shared this appetizer idea she had come across online. Sculpt goat cheese into a pear shape, roll in ground pistachios and adorn with a basil leaf.

I bought one large log of plain goat cheese and a scoopful of bulk shelled pistachios (which was MORE than enough). I already had fresh bay leaves at home, which stood up much better and look more pear leaf-like than the large basil leaves I purchased for something else that day. I’m not much of an artist and after struggling with the cheese for a minute, an acquaintance who had arrived to the party a bit early mentioned her fine arts degree and I handed the cheese right over! (Well, I gave her a pair of gloves first…).

We made two pears, one slightly larger than the other, rolled them in the pistachios, which I ground up a mini food processor, and added the bay leaves. Serve with crackers and there you go. Although you might have to dig into one of the pears to get it started like we did — they looked so cute, nobody wanted to be the first one to dig in!

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