Bringing home cookin’ to a kitchen near you

By now the word is out that I’m starting a personal chef service this spring! With an emphasis on vegetarian, vegan and special diets (gluten-free, low salt, etc.), I hope to bring fresh, delicious and healthy(er) foods to busy families (or singles) who are tired of takeout and fast food or are looking for a change.

The name of the new biz is Fresh Chef Detroit and prices and details will be laid out in the coming weeks. Chris over at Tyrus Design is working on my new Web site at this very moment, as well as business cards and postcards. My good friend Grace designed my logo (which I looove) and another great friend, Monica, spent a recent Saturday photographing me so I actually look like someone you would trust in your home, cooking for your family (and not stealing your good china).

The phone man will be here to install my business line within the hour and I’m set to take off for my week at the Culinary Business Academy in less than TWO WEEKS (yikes!).

I’ve also been accepted to have a booth at this year’s VegFest, an amazing vegetarian/vegan expo hosted by VegMichigan — a great veg organization for which I served as volunteer editor until recently (when I passed the torch to focus on Fresh Chef). It looks like they already put a link to my site on their Web site so I better get it done!

Thanks to everyone who has wished me luck and spread the word. I’ll continue posting updates on the Fresh Chef Facebook page and will hopefully be up and running soon!


2 responses to “Bringing home cookin’ to a kitchen near you

  1. That’s so awesome! We definitely need more choices when it comes to veg/gluten free foods in Metro Detroit. I don’t know if I need (or can afford…) a personal chef but it’d be a great idea for a big dinner party 🙂 I’d feel bad for you to have to cook in my small kitchen though.

    Also, the logo is super cute! Job well done if you’re the one that designed it.


  2. Congratulations Kirsten! Can’t wait to watch things continue to take off.
    + Thanks Jessica, glad you like the logo!

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