Sunday Brunch: Cafe Muse

I love breakfast. Eating it, making it, or — better yet — letting someone else make it for me! After 2 years of hearing about its award-winning, nationally recognized (no lie) grilled cheese, I finally made it to Cafe Muse in Royal Oak for a baby shower recently (Baby O is now 3 days overdue. Come on,  already!).

My squeeze isn’t as much into breakfast — he starts his day with a blueberry-banana protein shake, a cup of coffee and some peace and quiet. I think after a week in which we were both so busy we barely saw each other, he decided to indulge me and suggested we go out for brunch today.  D had never been to Cafe Muse, and happily took me up on the suggestion.

While it’s usually the opposite, the wait for an outside table was only about 25 minutes and inside was more than an hour. They have a great system set up though — instead of having to huddle in the entrance with a cup of coffee or linger nearby, they sent us out on downtown Royal Oak and said they would call when our table was ready. That’s smart for so many reasons: 1) Time flies. You don’t realize how hungry you are and you get to walk around window shopping. 2)  Oh, wait — you get to actually GO shopping, come to think of it. We first shot down to Starbucks to get a little coffee to tide us over, then went into a few shops. I ended up with a great bracelet from Sole Sisters and D snagged me some amazing art postcards from Lift nearby.

We had a great time walking around Royal Oak — something we used to do regularly on the weekends and don’t do enough these days. Our table was ready in no time. It was a little windy, so everyone seemed to be bundled up and wanting to sit inside. We were more than happy to indulge in some finally comfortable weather and put up with a little wind.

I ordered the vegan scramble at the baby shower and was determined to go for something a little sweeter (like the carrot cake pancakes, maybe? Or lemon-blueberry ricotta pancakes?). I couldn’t resist a different vegan scramble though! This one had tofu, basil, tomatoes, vegan chorizo and vegan parmesan cheese and came with fruit, toast and whipped sweet potatoes that are so ridiculously good. Oh — and I decided to indulge in a bloody mary. I deserve it right? That’s practically a meal in itself, but somehow I was able to clean my plate and polish off the bloody mary.

Miss C, a self-proclaimed vampire after missing her second front tooth a few days ago, already had breakfast earlier in the morning, so she just got a blueberry muffin that came gooey, warm and delicious. Next time she’s going for the Boston cream pie pancakes with chocolate though.

D went for his usual — a giant bowl of yogurt, granola and tons of fresh berries. Often when he gets this somewhere, there are just a few berries sprinkled on top it seems. This helping was so big, he couldn’t even finish it.

What a great family Sunday. I think we all walked away satisfied and feeling good. I’ll certainly go back, hopefully at some point sampling something on the sweeter side if they can stop coming up with such delicious-sounding scrambles…

They have dinner now too, but sadly only have a couple of veg options and it seems no vegan ones. Maybe once they settle in serving dinner that will change.

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