Cooking Club: Amy’s Mai Tai

After an unintentional hiatus, Cooking Club was back in session again last week with an Asian theme. So, I’ll start it off with what WE started off with — a Mai Tai that will put you in a coma if you’re not careful. It was as beautiful as it was delicious, with fresh pineapple, cherry and mint garnishes from the lovely Amy E. from The Night Train.

Here it is (in Amy’s words):

I took my recipe from the Foundation (thanks, Milwaukee!) and made a few amendments. In my, uh, extensive research on mai tais, I read that there are many mai tai purists who only honor the original Trader Vic’s recipe, which calls for 17-year-old Jamaican rum and absolutely NO orange or pineapple juice, but who cares about those people?

Here’s the recipe I used, with my modifications:

1 oz light rum (I used Bacardi)
½ oz lemon juice (since I multiplied this recipe by like 10, I used the juice of one whole lemon)
½ oz orange curacao (I couldn’t find any of this, so I used Triple Sec)
½ oz orgeat syrup (almond liqueur)

1 oz orange juice (I used a little less than this — just a splash)

1 oz pineapple juice (I didn’t have any)

¼ lime squeezed and thrown in (I used about 2 limes)

SHAKE! (I mixed the orgeat, Triple Sec, lemon juice, lime juice and orange juice in advance so that I wouldn’t have to do so much measuring. I also added lemon and lime slices to the pitcher which I’m sure, had it been in a nice glass pitcher, would have looked lovely)

Float 1 ½  oz dark rum on top (I used Gosling’s Black Seal Bermuda Black Rum and I found it delicious)***

Garnish with fresh mint sprig and cherry, pineapple sword. (I left my cocktail swords at home, so I just dropped them in the drink like a slob. Oh, and did you notice that I used real Michigan cherries? Oh yeah, I did. Maraschino is for babies.)

That’s it! And BE CAREFUL! As you can see, you are basically drinking a full glass of booze.

*** As did I!

2 responses to “Cooking Club: Amy’s Mai Tai

  1. I’m looking at that drink like, “KID. YOU’LL GO FAR.”

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