Now That’s Firm Tofu: Rosewood

I’ve mentioned that I think I could eat curry just about every day and never get sick of it, and that’s still true. When I make it, I prefer to buy the already-cubed tofu, because I feel like it just stays together better in curries and stir fries.

When that’s not available, I use your standard extra firm tofu… but I’ve always thought it wasn’t exactly FIRM. Like, by definition, it’s usually not really firm at all. And it’s supposed to be extra firm.

I stopped by Holiday Market in Royal Oak Sunday and grabbed a kind of tofu I don’t remember seeing before: Rosewood.  I didn’t think much of it or have very high hopes, but figured I might as well give it a shot.

Much to my surprise, it’s firm. FIRM firm. I forced D to indulge me and come to the kitchen so I could show him my discovery while making curry Tuesday night. He didn’t get nearly as excited as I did, but indulged me nonetheless…

Eating some leftovers the next day, it was just the same firm tofu I’d added to the pot and hadn’t broken apart at all, like other “extra firm” tofu out there. I had never heard of the company, but it turns out Rosewood is right in Ann Arbor and makes a ton of soy and other natural products out there. I’ll be keeping my eyes open and I’ll definitely be buying Rosewood firm tofu again (and again, and again)!

2 responses to “Now That’s Firm Tofu: Rosewood

  1. So, if the extra-firm is not firm at all, and this new tofu you’ve discovered is merely firm, that means you’re still looking for an actual extra-firm tofu? Or are you satisfied now, since nobody needs something to be more firm than firm and the actual firm tofu will suffice?

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