Best kale dish and super easy too!

This recipe comes from my crafting partner in crime Jay (pictured* with me at our 2009 Detroit Urban Craft Fair booth). I was kind of a kale freak this summer, but never really found the perfect recipe. This one sounded sooooo good when Jay told me about it, I asked her to pass it on. Here it is!

Kale (I like the dark purple kind best, with the stems removed and chopped coarsely)
sliced almonds
dried tart cherries
red wine vinegar or lemon juice
salt and pepper
olive oil

• Saute shallot, almonds and cherries in a little olive oil until shallots are soft.
• Add kale and toss around until wilted. sprinkle with salt and pepper and a little lemon juice or vinegar.
• Serve over a bed of couscous (for extra flavor, use broth instead of water when cooking the couscous)

* Photo by Tafari

One response to “Best kale dish and super easy too!

  1. Tricia from MLFB

    I made a dish very similar to this in the fall (for Thanksgiving, maybe?) and I really liked it! The dried cherries really go well with the kale. (I think the original recipe I saw called for dried cranberries, but what Michigander is going to use those when dried cherries are available? :^)

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