Patel’s Indian Cuisine

Always on the lookout for something good to eat in a pinch, the other day I picked up a couple of packages Patel’s Cuisine meals.

First up today was Aloo Mutter — a spicy bowl of potato and green peas in a red curry sauce. Two minutes in the microwave and it was ready to go — hot and spicy, spicy. Slightly TOO spicy, for my taste, but still with great flavor. I just wish I had some jasmine rice to pour it over.

Besides the obvious drawback of the pile of sodium that always accompanies these types of meals, this is one of the best like it that I’ve had. All natural, no preservatives, only a handful of ingredients and, of course, vegetarian.

3 responses to “Patel’s Indian Cuisine

  1. I would like to purchase patels "Peas Pulav" and cannot find a store in New York that has it.Thank you.Abe Cohen

  2. Yeah, it looks like if you go to there store locator, there aren't any in NY. Maybe you should go to your local store and ask them to carry them! I have no idea if that's how stores normally start carrying new stuff, but I did that in CHicago once and it worked! 🙂

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