Monthly Archives: April 2009

Martha does vegetarian

I have stolen at least one of these recipes in recent months.

Check out Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food vegetarian recipes.

Judging on the one I’ve made, you won’t be sorry.

Leave my food alone!

There is an online petition that has been started to stop HR 875 — I’ve signed it and so should you!

In its current form, the bill could prevent small local organic farms and community gardeners from growing and selling you nutritious, truly fresh, organic produce. It would crush our small local food producers by imposing heavy government regulation that only large corporations could adhere to. Imagine:

* No more farmers markets.
* No more garden fresh, seasonal ingredients from the local farmer at your favorite restaurant.
* No more roadside stands with fresh picked sweet corn, juicy ripe tomatoes, or refreshing
watermelons in the summer.

Americans would essentially be forced to only eat corporately manufactured, chemically treated, hermetically sealed, irradiated fruits and vegetables. Stop this abomination now.

To prevent this bill, act now by signing the petition!