I enjoyed turkey for Thanskgiving!

OK, not turkey. Turk’y. I have a vegan co-worker who bought the Quorn turkey roast from the “vegan” section of the grocery store, only to find out it has egg whites in it.

SO, she handed it off to me, a non-vegan, to test it out.
Quorn products aren’t made of soy, or even vegetable protein. They’re made of mycoprotein, a protein-packed fungi.

Nobody can explain it as well as the company can, so if you’re interested in learning more, check out this info page of its Web site.

I pierced the wrapping, as instructed and baked it in a toaster oven for 30 minutes. After letting it cool for a few minutes, I unwrapped it and sliced it and found the most meat-like non-meat I have ever seen, tasted or been able to convince meat eaters to try.

I don’t necessarily love eating “fake” meat, but I really couldn’t believe it. It had a similar texture and was even dry like white turkey meat. While I think it would be amazing in sandwiches and other dishes, I sliced it up, got out the mustard and went to town.

I’m officially a convert — now I just have to find a store that sells it, which shouldn’t be too hard, because you can search by zip code on the Web site, which also has recipes and more.

Thanks, Mary!

2 responses to “I enjoyed turkey for Thanskgiving!

  1. I got it at Whole Foods, but I’m pretty sure I saw it at Kroger too in their organic freezer section.-Mary 2me.

  2. Comfortably Lovely

    I have to Tofurky it up……. allergic to eggs!

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