Mr. MacDougall’s Vegan Instant Soups

I have found my way to nearly the 20th day of May — can you tell I just finished a Seuss-filled story time? — and I’ve not posted anything in two weeks. It’s a sad state of affairs…

In reality, I should be working on the baby blanket I’ve been hired to make, so I’ll keep this one short.

For a few weeks now, a staple at my desk come lunchtime has been Dr. McDougall’s vegan instant soups. I first saw them at Holiday Market in Royal Oak and then saw them at Meijer for about $2.29 a pop. I wasn’t necessarily looking for vegan soups in particular, but just something healthier than the sodium-laden instant soups of yore. I tried a couple and really liked them.

After I bumped into my co-worker, Mary, at the Meatout and learned she was vegan, I told her about the soups.

Many of them you can buy for about $18 for a 12-pack on Amazon, so Mary and I went in on a few cases. It’s true — cases — but a $1.50 lunch is hard to come by so we went for it.

Here’s the link to the whole lot that’s available on Amazon. They even are eligible for free shipping if you get 2 12-packs (or anything totaling $25 that’s eligible).

Mary’s currently addicted to the Split Pea with Barley soup, and spends her time outside of work finding new and interesting ways to hide her vegan soups from her carnivore husband, Matt.

My favorites are the Curry Brown and Wild Rice Fruited Pilaf (trust me — it just became available today and I can’t wait for my case to arrive because it’s hard to find in stores) and the Pad Thai Soup. So far, I can’t find one I don’t like at all though.

It turns out Dr. McDougall’s also makes some breakfast type options, including oatmeal and barley featuring various fruits. If I can get past my morning peanut butter protein bar addiction, perhaps I’ll give them a shot.

You can find out more about who this San Francisco vegan doctor and his philosophies

You can check out his “Right Foods” online shop, which has slightly more expensive, but expanded options, including health and sampler packs, family-sized meals and more

Dig in. A cheap lunch just got healthier.

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