Making life easier

I’m in the middle of getting ready for a move. A whopper of a move across statelines. Packing my 2-bedroom apartment into boxes that hopefully will fit snugly in Daniel’s basement, until we get a bigger place.

What does this have to do with food? Well, in the remaining two weeks I have in Chicago, my schedule is pretty full and time is tight. I stopped at the store a few days ago to stock up on things that are easy and quick. Which, in this case, meant frozen. Fortunately, these days frozen doesn’t have to mean cheese pizza. Not only does Amy’s offer cheeseless pizza, but there are a lot of other things out there too.

I’ve fallen in love with Amy’s vegan pot pies. They taste just like the Banquet chicken pot pies of yore, except with out the dairy, fat and half the sodium. So you get all of the warm and fuzzy nostalgia without the pseudo-chicken chunks.

Another new thing that I’ve discovered are these bags of frozen vegetables that you can throw in the microwave and they steam the veggies. Not a new concept entirely, I realize, but I found these Birds Eye Steamfresh individual pouches. You pop the little pouch in the microwave for about a minute and — voila — fresh vegetables, steaming hot and ready to eat.

The “individual” portions are a bit small, for someone such as mysef who loves to devour vegetables. All that means is that I’ll do two at once or just forget the individual pouches and keep buying the whole bags. The vegetables taste fresh and are a vibrant green — unlike some frozen veggies that take on this odd, brownish-green-grey appearance.

Either way, these things have helped keep me alive this week, so I just thought I would share!

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