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The best soup in the whole wide world.

First, I’ll let you in on a little secret: The Post Punk Kitchen. It’s a Website I came across for this vegan public access show out of Brooklyn. They have cookbooks and a great Website full of recipes. So, I won’t begin to even attempt to take credit for any recipes I post from their site.

They have recipes sorted by main ingredient or course/dish, so it’s easy to find something you like. My boyfriend loves sweet potatoes. So I went there first. Among the sweet potato recipes was “Spicy Sweet Potato and Coconut Soup.” What it should have read was “The Best Soup in the Whole Wide World.”

We can’t get enough of it. I’ve tried variations — I added peas once, etc. — but it needs no altering. Do exactly as it says — right down to the sesame oil and cilantro finishing touches. It includes ginger and garlic and coconut milk and red chili paste. It’s so delicious. You won’t be sorry.

Oh, and though it has “spicy” in the title, I don’t think it is at all. You could probably add more red chili paste to heat it up a bit.

You can find the site here: The Post Punk Kitchen

If you are vegetarian or vegan, you must check out this site. It hasn’t let me down yet.

OK, and here’s the recipe for The Best Soup in the Whole Wide World

Give it a shot! You won’t be sorry.

And there you have it.

My name is Kirsten. I’ve been cooking, or trying to since I was…well — look at my profile photo.

The first thing I ever cooked on my own was macaroni and cheese. I was doing fine until I poured the milk, butter and flourescent orange cheese powder into the noodles. I did so in the strainer, which doesn’t really work.

Fortunately, things have looked up since then. Ever joined to my mom Toni Ann’s hip in the kitchen, it seems I picked up a thing or two.

While I love more than anything to make our family favorite — manicotti — as I’ve grown to be one of 2 vegetarians in the family, I’ve had to go outside the family repertoire to find other foods that make me feel good and make me happy. That, and a girl can only eat so much pasta.

But, it’s not always easy to find good recipes for a variety of vegetarian foods. I’ve found a couple of great Websites and have gotten a few good cookbooks, but I want more. And maybe some people out in cyberland do too.

Perhaps this blog can be a source where people can turn for ideas, variations and recipe successes and failures. If nothing else, I hope it will lead to other sharing their recipes with me. I’m here for selfish reasons, mostly, you see…

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